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QR Codes

QR Code Solutions

Find on overview of QR Code solutions that you can build with our platform in just a view clicks

QR Menu.png

PDF QR Code for your Digital Menu

If you want an alternative to your paper menu, you can create a QR Code linking to your digital menu as a PDF file.

QR Code Business Card

Create a small Website for your business or private use optimized for modern smartphone browsers in just a few simple steps. Provide your contact details as a QR Code Business Card and include your links to the most important social networks. This way your contact data will easily find its way into the address books of your business partners and friends!

QR Covid.png

Digital guest list via QR Code

If the guest scans the QR code on his table, he can leave his name, telephone and email address in order to be notified of a suspected COVID.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 215620.png

QR Code Coupon

Create a mobile coupon for your customers. They can show the coupon in your shop to get a free drink or a discount on their purchase.

Your visitors can easily share your products on their favorite social networks, like WhatsApp or Facebook.

QR Form.png

Get Leads & Feedback

Link QR codes to forms that allow you to generate new leads. If a user discloses his contact information, he will receive a link to a voucher, e-book or other exclusive digital content in return by e-mail. All generated customer contacts can be exported to an Excel file.

APP QR Code.png

One App QR Code for all

If you advertise your App on a flyer or poster, you can use a single QR code to redirect to the appropriate App Store from Apple, Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

QR Product.png

QR Codes on Products

Sell your products by simply adding a name, brand, description and an image. You can also set an optional contact or purchase link. All products have a unique QR Code that leads to their mobile optimized product landing page.

Use the integrated PayPal function so prospects can buy your products directly through the provided PayPal Button.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 215821.png

Promote your Real Estates

Create a mobile landing page for your real estates. A potential customer that scans the QR Code next to the property immediately gets all necessary information like photos, price, size and contact details on his Smartphone.


Create custom Landing Pages

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