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Big Head Face Cut Out 


Want to make your next event or party even more memorable? Our Big Head Face Cutout is just what you need! Bring a smile to everyone's face by creating your very own big head face cutout. Whether it's for a birthday party, wedding, or sporting event, these larger-than-life cutouts are guaranteed to be a hit. Simply upload a high-quality photo and we'll take care of the rest, printing your cutout on durable and weather-resistant material. Your custom big head face cutout will be a fun and eye-catching addition to any occasion, sure to make a big impression!


Size: Approx 18" Tall

Single Sided Imprint on 4mm Corogated Plastic and Contour Cut to the shape of the image uploaded.


**Please note that if you upload a pixelated image, that is exactly how it will print. We suggest you upload high resolution images, close-ups are suggested.



Big Head Face Cutout

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